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Ichume – Grown in African Soil

Ichume is a shoe brand that has been grown in the soil of South Africa and is inspired by the vibrancy and vigour of the women of our continent. Their enriched and versatile cultures, combined with their strength of spirit, make up the very core of the Ichume brand.

Using the unparalleled majesty of the African feminine spirit as inspiration, Ichume aims to provide a range of shoes that are both inspired by and designed for the beautiful diversity of the women of the world. A never-ending summer of experimental and unpredictable styling allows Ichume to evolve and become a natural part of wardrobes everywhere.

Our shoes are designed for the fashion-forward individual who wants to turn heads with high-quality footwear with a twist. Ichume uses eccentric and colourful elements, inspired by and naturally blending a myriad of bright and beautiful cultures. A depth of exciting visual references helps us offer Ichume in styles that are intriguing and new to the world. Ichume – bringing the essence of African beauty to the world.

Labora – home of Ichume

Ichume was created by Labora, a Durban-based shoe manufacturer. Labora was founded by Johnny Parboo in 1988 and is still a family-owned business to this day. The first shoe factory was founded in Chatsworth in 1989 and mainly produced for small retailers. Today, due to family support, Labora has multiple operations in different locations and supplies many large retailers, delivering quality shoes to all our clients.

Ichume is thus a proudly South African brand, creating shoes that have a unique style and are infused with the spirit of Africa. The Ichume range is bold, colourful and futuristic. It explores the use of new materials, seamlessly uniting global trends and staying curious as to what the future may bring.

We design and craft all our shoes from the ground up, which allows us to play and explore while staying true to our roots. This lets us have fun with our designs, ensuring that our passion is evident in each shoe and that each is an artwork in itself. We strive to serve the needs of those who want to be the center of attention, are confident and love to have a good time.